All coins are authentic, and come with a certificate of authenticity


CL10 14kt Y.G. Coin Earrings

14kt yellow gold coin earrings with twisted wire frames. Pictured with U.S. 1/10 oz. Eagle bullion coin. Also available in other coin sizes.

CL751 18kt Y.G. Cuff-Links w/ Ancient Roman Gold Coins

18kt yellow gold cuff-links with authentic ancient Roman gold solidus coins. Emperor Valentinian I, circa A.D. 364-375.

CL20 14kt Gold Coin Cufflinks w/ Mexico 5 Peso Gold Coin

14kt yellow gold coin cufflinks with hand-made rope. Pictured with Mexico 5 peso gold coin. Available for other coin sizes.

Cl1 14kt Gold Coin Cuff-Links

14kt gold cuff-links pictured with U.S. 1/10 Eagle gold coins. Also available for other coin sizes.

CL23 Sterling Silver Rope Cuff Links with U.S. Buffalo Nickel Coins

Sterling silver rope cuff links. Pictured with U.S. buffalo nickel coins. Also available in other coin sizes.