BR434 14 kt Y.G. Coin Bracelet

14 kt yellow gold-hinged coin bracelet with hidden clasp. Pictured with U.S. 1/10 oz. Eagle gold coin. Available in other coin sizes.

BR994 14 kt Bangle Bracelet for U.S. $10 Liberty Head Gold Coin

14 kt yellow gold bangle bracelet with U.S. $10 Liberty Head Gold Coin. Available for most coin sizes.

BR99 14 kt Y.G. Custom Coin Bracelet With Diamonds

14kt yellow gold bracelet custom made to fit five coins. Hand-made twisted wire bezels around coins and diamonds. Diamond weight is .45 cts.

BR314 14 kt Y.G. & Sterling Silver Bracelet With Roman Silver Coins.

14 kt yellow gold and sterling silver bracelet. Pictured with ancient Roman denarius and double denarius silver coins, circa A.D. 193‑248.

BR110 14kt Y.G. & Sterling silver Bracelet w/ Roman Bronze Coins

!4kt yellow gold & sterling silver bracelet. Pictured with ancient Roman bronze coins of Constantine the Great and his four sons. Circa A.D. 307-361.

BR11 Sterling Silver + 14kt Gold Bracelet with Treasure Coin

Sterling silver links with 14kt yellow gold frame bracelet. Pictured with "piece of eight" 4 reales treasure coin. Minted in Potosi, Bolivia 1556-1621

BR445 14kt Gold Three Coin Cuff Bracelet  

14kt yellow gold three coin cuff bracelet. Pictured with U.S. $20 gold Liberty Head center and U.S. $10 gold liberty head sides.

BR98114kt Gold & Sterling Silver Breacelet with Ancient Roman Coins

14kt gold and sterling silver bracelet with five different ancient Roman silver denarius coins, circa 110-220 A.D.

BR444 14kt Gold and Diamond Six-Coin Bracelet

14kt gold bracelet has .48 cts. of pave-set diamonds. Pictured with six U.S. 1/10 gold eagle coins. Also available in other coin sizes.

BR800 14kt Gold Bracelet with Ancient Roman Bronze Coins

14kt gold four-coin bracelet features assorted oval cabochon gemstones. Pictured with ancient Roman bronze coins, circa 300-360 A.D.

BR109 14kt Gold & Sterling Silver Bracelet with Ancient Coins

14kt gold and Sterling silver bracelet features assorted ancient Roman and Greek coins. Circa 380 B.C. - 361 A.D.

RCB80 14kt Gold Bracelet with Mexico 2 Peso Cold Coins

14kt gold 7-coin bracelet. Pictured with Mexico 2 peso gold coins.

RCB80 14kt Gold Bracelet with Eight Biblical Widow’s Mites

14kt gold bracelet, pictured with eight ancient "Widow's Mite" Bible coins, circa 103-76 B.C. Shown with alternating sides.

BR8800 14kt Gold Bracelet with Four Ancient Roman Coins

14kt gold antique style bracelet with four ancient Roman bronze coins, circa 307-378 A.D.

BR310 14kt  Gold Six Coin Bracelet

14kt gold yellow gold bracelet pictured with six U.S. buffalo nickels. Hidden clasp. Available for many coin sizes.